Recommendation for an audiophile speaker cord that is not "bright"?

A friend has loaned me the Nordost Valhalla I and II as well as Nordost Frey 2 cables. They are wonderful speaker cables but do emphasize the "brightness" of my system including my Wilson audio Sahsa 2 speakers.

Any suggestions? Would used Transparent cables provide a richer bottom end? What about Audience Reference?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. - Thank you - Gerry
So pretty much you are "arguing" from a point of complete ignorance w.r.t. electronic circuits. Got it. Carry on.

  Some moore, but the years means wery little if you`ve just followed the crowd. 
I have owned WWP 6’s for over 10 years and have used them with numerous amps and preamps in a digital only (Roon/Qobuz) front end in a treated and highly damped room.

My speaker cables (DHLabs silver sonic Q-10 signature) worked well with previous equipment however following an amp upgrade the sound became more transparent and too forward around 2,000-3,000 hz.

I have taken delivery today of a pair of Morrow SP5 speaker cables - pure copper with no silver.

first impressions are good but they will need quite a long burn in - I will report back in a week...