recommendation for best $1500 speakers?

I'm looking for recommendations for a pair of floorstanding speakers < $1,500 for both. They would be used for both home theater and analog/digital music. I have more entry level boston acoustic floor standing speakers now, which I like, but I think can be improved. Part of the challenge is the room is 16 feet tall, so they sound a bit thin. I'm using a Yamaha RXV-2500 receiver at 140wpc, which should be plenty of power. I heard some JBL's at a local tweeter store through the same amp, and they sounded much fuller than the BA's I have now (they were twice the size). Any thoughts are appreciated. thanks!
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If you also consider used speakers, you could get some very fine speakers at $1500 or less. Of course, the better the speakers you get, the more dis-satisfied with the Yamaha receiver you may become.....
suggest checking out PSB - have a pair of Image 6t's in my second system and they have good overall range and soundstage. Model isn't available , but there are others - try - authorized dealer and they have very good prices - new and sealed - have yet to see the supposed blemishes that allowed for the lower price -
[] best I have found at ( used price of around $1500 )[/url]