Recommendation for detailed/analytical bookshelf speaker?

Hi. As it is almost impossible to find the "perfect" speaker and having to choose, I always tend towards very detailing and analytical speakers. What I love the most is having the sensation that the artist is playing right in front of me, being able to hear the instruments as close to reality as possible. I hate the "veiled", dark, opaque or recessed some speakers provide and if to hear as close to reality, holographic, microscopic means to get some fatigue after a while or any other inconveniences I wouldn't care. I can always hear music in a more relaxed way at other times with some good bluetooth speakers I have, but for the time when I can to examine music, close my eyes and feel every note playing at me as if the instruments were there, I don't like having limitations.

I've tried a pair of KEF R7 speakers (those are floorstanding), a pair of Triangle Titus 202, a pair of Pioneer SP-BS22-LR and Polk Audio miniscule OWM3 with my gear: NAD M22 V2 amplifier, NAD M10 integrated and Cayin A-50 MKII and believe it or not, the sound that I've found closer to "being there" and reality were the OWM3 mini bookshelf speakers. The highs on the OWM3 are the clearest BUT the Triangle Titus also do a very good work. The KEF R7 speakers are way more expensive than the others but I find the sound is darker than the other ones.

I've read and read forums and watched YouTube videos but I think I'm at a lost in my "quest". The last hint I read was that the Martin Logan speakers, with their "Folden Motion" or "Folded" tweeter provides quite a good sense of clarity and detail at the expense, some times, to get a "cold" sound. If by cold they mean extra detail, extra analysis, then I'm in.

So, after that long explanation (my excuses), could you please suggest me bookshelf speakers (that room I'm using is not big: 12'12" x 19'3) that could get me the kind of sound I'm looking for? Thank you very much.

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The OP’s taste is similar to mine so I have lots of suggestions.

Agree that the B&W 705 and 805 are worth a listen. Meanwhile a friend of mine has the Dynaudio S40 and they are mighty impressive, but costly.

More toward the mass market, I’d consider the Wharfedale Diamond 220; the Polk RTiA3, the Klipsch RP-150M, and (if you have room) the HTD L3 with its superb ribbon tweeter. I also like the Martin Logan 15s and some DefTechs though I forget the model number.

If you don’t mind vintage, check out the Infinity and ADS speakers from the late 70s and early 80s. In many respects they’re as good as today’s offerings. In some ways better.

Avoid newly-introduced speakers unless you enjoy paying an unnecessary premium.

If your ship suddenly comes in, have a look at the Quad Z-2 or even the TAD Compact Reference One. What’s the harm in dreaming?

The venerable BBC LS3/5A! Read Art Dudley's review of three versions in the latest Stereophile.
The most detailed, analytical bookshelf speaker I’ve heard are the Revel Performance M126Be speakers. I happened upon a pair locally a few months ago to serve as temporary speakers during a relocation. They do deserve excellent upstream components. If you have an opportunity to hear them you’ll be surprised a bookshelf speaker can detail so well.
THANK YOU very much to all for all the suggestions! I'm very grateful. 

 @tlinkie : Thank you for the suggestions! You almost read my mind because this last Friday I received my Wharfedale Diamond 225 and yesterday I placed an order for a pair of Martin Logan LX16. My approach in those speakers is to buy the "cheap" entry level options and if the sound suits me I would try and buy the highest model. The Diamond 225 sound is quite nice, more musical than analytical but not darkened. I really like it but would like something more detailed. I will keep the 225s for another room, that's how much I liked them

I'm really really tempted to try and buy the ATC speakers (the 11 or the 19). The only problem is that because I live in Costa Rica it's harder for me to return them if I don't like the sound and even living in the US, I don't know where can I audition them... But, as I told you, I'm really tempted because I've read wonderful reviews from everybody about them.

In amplification power I think I'm ok because the amp I would be using is my NAD M22 V2 that produces 300 wpc.

Thank you again to all! Best regards,