Recommendation for Digital Coax

Looking for a good digital coax to go from my Bluesound Node 2i to my first stand alone DAC, an Aqua La Voce S2. Preferably something that won't break the bank.


DH Labs D750 simply the best sounding coax I've heard, I've owned the D60 and yes it's a phenomenal cable but when it comes to musicality which is hard to do in the digital realm by nature the D750 is balanced from top to bottom  showcasing layer upon layers.

DH Labs produce good quality, cost effective interconnects. I have used them off and on for more than  twenty years on various systems I have been creating.

First of all, what other people hear in their system, may not be what you hear in your system.  We manufacturer audio components.  Our listening room has over 30 pieces of equipment along with 4 different speakers.  We have repaired and upgraded more components than most people hear can even think of.


For lower priced digital cables go with the Audio Envy or the Kimber D60.  Up the scale look for a used Marigo Labs, Jorma or Cerious Technologies.  These seemed to work well in all of our systems.


Happy Listening. 

The Silverstar by Black Cat Cable  Coaxial Digital Cable. $350.00 at TheCableCompany. 

Also look into The Chord Company Signature Super ARAY cables.