Recommendation for Integrated Amp w/ Big Sound

I've gone back and forth on a multi-channel system or a 2 channel for tv, movies, and movies. I think I'd be a nice Solid State integrated amp with a big full bodied sound will suit our living room better. 100 wpc more or less seems right from past experience.

My first thoughts, though not conclusive, are the Anthem 225, Cary CAI-1, or Harman Kardon HK990. The problem is these don't fit into my budget of 500-700 used. A used Denon 2000IV would fit into my budget but I'm wondering what is out there that has a big bold sound that I'm missing?
You might want to look and see what you can find from Plinius. I owned several and they had big sound and over all I had no complaints at all. I don't remember how many watts per channel?
I suggest Musical Fidelity A3/A300 amps. IMHO the best you can do at the low price range.
I'd say one of the best you can find in that price range would be the Creek 5350SE. Almost as good as a Creek Destiny. If you could jump up and you are looking for big and bold then the Krell s300i would definitely fit the bill. I recently got one of these and after all the years of trying so much different hifi I'd never heard any Krell stuff. Not sure what the hating is about this amp is amazing.