recommendation for phono pre amp and mc cartridge, around 1000$ each

i’m using well tempered classic tt and arm.
it’s not heavy arm, think between light to medium ,not sure.
i’m giving this info since i know that it’s important to cartridge match.
the phono should have at list up to 60 db, so i can use MCLO cartridge.
and have several loading and gain settings.

is there any advantage to a low output Mc compare to high, or mid?

not sure if this important but i am listening to variety kinds of music.
jazz, rock , classical

thanks to anyone that will help.


I have the TZ Vibe with the Denon DL 103 but I hear no different than when I use it with my Lounge Audio Copla. Is this because the DL 103 has an impedance of 40 ohm vs 14 like the DL 103R?

Effective mass is a quantity based on the distribution of the mass of the tonearm, from pivot to headshell.  The closer to the headshell you add mass, the greater the effect to increase effective mass.  So the most efficient place to add mass if you only want to increase effective mass is at or on the headshell. I am guessing that by wrapping the WT tonearm in plumber's tape you gained an additional sonic benefit related to damping or changing the resonant behavior of the tonearm.  As you wind the tape in toward the pivot, you are doing less and less to change effective mass. But I am no big fan of the WT tonearms.

aserejeje, You can get an approximation of the amount of signal current you can get out of a LOMC cartridge by simply dividing the signal voltage output by the internal resistance.  So you can see that the Denon DL103 is not a good candidate for current drive.  (Do the calculation for some other LOMCs, and you can see my point.) Yes, it's that 40 ohm internal resistance.

For $1000, I think you'll find the Nagaoka MP-500 will give any similar price MC a run for its money. And it allows you to have a greater selection of phono stages to choose from, since it works with an MM input.

A bit over budget, but my Trumpet MC phonostage will work with any MC cart you end up selecting.