Recommendation for Repair Service for Dodd Audio Battery Preamp

My Dodd Audio Battery Preamp has developed static/hiss/vibration which is unlistenable.. Odd, but standard 6922 tubes sound soft while higher quality RAM 6922 sounds louder and worse. I need a service/repair business that is familiar with this unit. I am in Atlanta, and so I'd like service in GA or neighboring states of NC, SC, AL, TN or northern FL, if possible.

Thank you all in advance...

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The counsel from aniwolfe is the best possible.   

By the way, if you do get it fixed, I strongly recommend that you follow my counsel presented here:

It's worth doing everything possible to fix it.

Good Luck!

Thank you aniwolfe and xenolith. I have a pair of NX-Oticas and a GR Research dual subwoofer which I built and I love. I've sent an email request for advice to Danny, and waiting for a reply (very busy guy, I think).

Also, the mini-lithium batteries, what a great thing to know !, and so much better than adding an  external 24VDC supply. Now the next items on my list after preamp repair.

Thanks guys!

@condosound - what ended up happening here? What was the cause of the issue? I have a unit with those exact issues and would love to hear your update.

To summarize: the preamp failed completely. Got a recommendation for a repair guy who had known Dodd personally, and who might be able to save it. But he said Dodd was very secretive about his designs and so potted everything, including the tube socket bases. Therefore, doubtful he could fix it, and anyway shipping costs are so high advised it would not be worth it. So it sits, until I have the courage to throw it out. Want to buy a non-functioning preamp?, or a second remote?, or a great volume control? least the wood is beautiful! I'm replacing it with a Decware Zen Torii Jr Integrated Amp, hopefully arriving by Christmas. The Decware uses 6922 tubes in the preamp section, my GOAT. Good luck with yours.