Recommendation for speaker cable to use with Magico speakers

I ordered a pair of Magico A1 speakers and am seeking a recommendation re the best speaker cable to pair them with. This bedroom system also consists of a Gryphon Diablo 120, and Moon 280D streamer/DAC. The dealer is recommending Transparent Reference, but I don’t won’t the speaker cable to equal the price of the speakers. Does anyone here have experience with Magico speakers. Thanks!

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What’s your budget, and what sound characteristics are you looking for?

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Personally, I would ask your Magico dealer to recommend something more modestly priced to start, with a trade in option on the Reference if you decide to upgrade later. Once you get everything broken in, you can audition the reference and see if it’s worth the extra $$$. It’s good to negotiate a trade in price at the beginning when the dealer is motivated to make the sale. I believe transparent has an aggressive upgrade program you should ask about. 

If you find them lacking extension in the bass Mogami.

Hi - which model do you use? Regards

I use Magico A3's from the first production run. I formerly used Audience AU24SX speaker cables, which were very good, and then tried Silversmith Fidelium's. End of memo; they stay in and won't leave. Outstanding cables and reasonable priced. Neal