Recommendation for speaker wire upgrade

I am looking to upgrade my speaker wire on my home audio system and I wonder if anyone can offer advise?

I am currently using Audioquest Type 4 cable (externally bi-wired) between my McIntosh MA6600 amp and my B&W Nautilus 804 speakers (5.5 feet in length, with bare wire connections).

I am considering Kimber Kable 8TC or 4TC, or other brands in that price range. Some of these are available in internal bi-wire options, which I have no experience with, so I'm not sure how it compares with separate bi-wiring.

I appreciate any advise.
Hi5harry - if it's not used for a while it needs break in again. For that reason Audioquest polarizes dielectric with DC voltage (close to 100V now) from attached battery.
I am sold on the Harmonic Tech Pro 9 or Pro 11. The older versions are relatively inexpensive and sound great. Either would be a significant upgrade from the AQ.
Anti-Cable are surely great! .. but not on Hi Current SS amp
For my taste are one of the best choice on Tube Amps

Come to your senses! A quick, inexpemsive trip to Home Depot for purchase of their 12 gauge speaker wire is needed to finally put your 'cable monster' to rest. Keep an open mind, please. It will change your audio life, forever.