recommendation of amps

Just looking for a little guidance. Starting to look for an AMP.  Most likely solid state. I listen to R&R only, high 80's low 90's    Room 13x14 bathroom to one side hallway to another, normal furnishings, wood floors.  Speakers, Fritz carbon 7se bookshelf, SVS SB3000 Sub, Currently Peachtree amp 500 running system (not Bad)  Benchmark Dac 3B and LA-4 Benchmark Line Amp, Audiolab 6000 CD Transport, Everything Balanced, with the exception of the Transport. Stream Qobuz also. System sounds really good. Just looking for a TOP SHELF AMP.  Budget maybe 6-7 k new or used, (Less preferred)  Prefer new with warranty???  Have a ATI AMP 6002 in main system, in another room, much bigger room, and kicks ass, in every regard. Would like something different (maybe)  Current set up feels a little neutral, and analytical,   maybe looking for something a little warmer.  Have been looking at a used Pass Labs 250.8  for example     Maybe a little overkill though? Always a little nervous over tubes (scared even) Afraid of NOT ENOUGH JUICE to listen at my levels.  Very open to your suggestions. Thanks as always     Robert TN


Try an Anthem P2 amp, all the power you will need and a nice neutral sound,around 5k can run any speaker even down below 2 ohms if need be. Or you could try the Parasound JC5 amp, or even the Michi S5 power amp at around $7,500.00 

I have a rogue stereo 100 with Fritz Carrera be speakers and a rogue rp-1 preamp and the sound is remarkable. Beautiful soundstage and detail.   Fritz speakers are great.  Don’t be afraid of tubes.  Having said that, I would like to hear the benchmark ahb2

Given that you’re all balanced, perhaps look at Van Alstine DVA M225 mono amps.

I haven’t heard them but am considering a pair

I’m currently using a Van Alstine RB10 tubed pre into a Van Alstine SET 120 power amp with the Fritz Carbon 7 SE mkii speakers and it’s been a real pleasure.



I recently purchased the Van Alstine SET 120 control amplifier for a den system paired with a Naim Uniti Atom headphone edition preamp/DAC/streamer and am over the moon about the sound quality.  Van Alstine punches WAY ABOVE its price point and the recommendation above should be considered highly as a truly great amp. You are not paying for a middle man. You might think because the price is low that you compromising, but trust me you will not be disappointed.