Recommendation on a basic turntable setup

Quick intro. I have been in audio for many years now.  Never tried a turnatable.  With this Covid, I have some free time and want to give it a try.  I am quite happy with my Theta Va DAC with Logitech streaming or Spotify streaming through Chrome Audio.  So if you can recommend a turntable that will be comparable or better that will be great.

The system I am planning to set it up with includes the following components (extra gear laying around):
- Sonic Frontiers SFL 1 Pre-amp
- Sonic Frontiers SFS 40 Amp
- Sonus Faber Concertino with stand

I would prefer a setup that is not too complicated to setup.  Budget is under $1000.

Thank you for the kind words and suggestions.  Sounds like the Denon DP-300f with the Ortofon Blue might work.  Also, I realized my Sonic Frontiers preamp does not have a phono stage.  I do have a Audio Research LS26 preamp with the phono stage but cosmetically it doesn't match well.  :)   

I am pretty sure I will eventually need some cleaning tools if I decide to move forward with this hobby. I'll be sure to check eBay.  

Who knows I may end up w/ multiple TT setups since I do have 3 separate systems right now.  This setup being the smallest system of the 3.
@noromance thanks.  
I found some interesting listings on craigs.  One of them even invite to demo as long as wear masks.  =)  Lots of choices out there.
@seanchau, there is currently a "recently serviced" VPI HW-19 (Mk.3, I believe, though it has a Mk.4 armboard---1" thick vs. the Mk.3's 1/2") on the big auction site. It comes with a Sumiko Premier MMT (Jelco) arm mounted, a VPI PLC Power Line Conditioner, and what appears to be a BDR carbon fiber record clamp. That's a lotta table for $900! 3 days remaining, no bids, $114 shipping. If I needed a table and had a grand to spend, I buy it in a heartbeat.
@bdp24 That does sound like a lot for the money.  Is it on here or another site?  I am just so new to this and just wondering how much effort it will take to set it up.  Do I still need a  Cartridge?  Thanks.