Recommendation Request for Tube Power Amplifier

I have been using an all solid state system for many years. I hear so much about the "tube sound" experience. I'd like to check it out.The only experience with tube amps that I have comes from these two amps...

One is the Paragon System E Tube Preamp with phono. I bought this new about 1980. It uses six 12ax7 type tubes. I used it quite heavily for a few years. When it developed problems with the volume control, I replaced it with something I can't remember. In storage for a few decades, I pulled it out six months ago, cleaned all contacts, especially the volume pot. Still works!. I have measured this guy quite thoroughly. Phono gain is 43 dB. Distortion from Tape Out is below the noise floor at -95dB. Noise at 60 Hz and multiples is -60dB or better below 0dB recorded level.. Great numbers, even compared to modern preamps. I replaced the old 12AX7 tubes with six matched Genelex Gold Lion tubes.  I'm using this now as a phono preamp with the Koetsu RS and a step up transformer at 20x (Cinemag 1254). The table is a brand new Technics SL-1200G. I really like this sound.

But I'd like to try tube amplification again without spending a fortune.

What tube power amp would be a great match for this system? Years ago, I had a CJ MV75 power amp. I liked the sound, but hated the continual tweaking of the bias, even with brand new tubes. I sold it.

My budget is $3K or less.My system is not too efficient (86 dB sensitivity Revel 105 Bookshelf speakers and a self powered HSU sub, 100Hz xover), so I probably need more than the 3 watt/ch amps I see for some of the less expensive models. How much power do I need? I'm not sure. I've never heard any problems with the Levinson No. 27 or the present Bryston 2.5B cubed, but they both put out 100 W/ch or more. Balanced inputs would be great, but not absolutely necessary.

I consider my present system to sound quite neutral. I worked very hard to get it that way. I'm very pleased with the sound.

I want to exprience that warm tube sound if only to have a change of pace. Or maybe...

Thanks for your help!

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If I’m you I’d give this Don Sachs amp a serious look. His products receive universally high praise for both sonics and value, and his house sound seems to be a little tube goodness/warmth but no too much while still preserving upper octave detail and offering excellent imaging and voluminous soundstage abilities. Can’t help thinking this sound profile might be right in your wheelhouse.Just another option, and best of luck in your search. Oh yeah, and it’s auto biasing so no more worries about that.

I second Soix's recommendation on a Don Sachs Kt88 amp.  I have one and it will drive your 8 ohm 86db sensitive speakers just fine.  I'd take a look at the link Soix provided and consider buying it.  I wouldn't sell mine for anywhere nearly as low a price as the seller is asking because it will assuredly become a legacy amplifier.  The amp easily compete with ~$10K tube amps and betters a lot of them. 

I have a Paragon System E as well! When you pop off the cover you will see the quality of the build. Point to point silver solder wiring, etc. All very quality components and the sound reflects it. It is on par with quality gear of today because of it's simplicity and quality of components and labor. 

Rolling tubes nets a nice experience. I can definitely hear differences in manufacture. I mate it with SS amps though and still get what I need- a smooth, warm, full, rich sound that is still dynamic and lively. Bryston is good, I had one and it is reliable to say the least and rather neutral so not a lot of colorization. I have yet to try tube pre/tube power but am hoping to one day however my choice of speaker (Krell Resolution 1) doesn't lend itself to tube power. 

The Rogue Stereo 100 amp would do the job perfectly with 100 wpc and the choice of triode or ultralinear mode. I have a  Rogue Stereo 90 in which I am currently using Tung Sol KT120 tubes (very hard to get at present), the same as the Stereo100, and it happily drives my Martin Logan Vantage speakers which are 4ohm and drop to 1ohm at times. While the sound is definitely tube it is not the soft tube sound of the 70s and provides transparency, speed and slam in the bass.