Recommendation Tube Integrated

At this juncture (nearly 2024) what are folks' best recommendagtion for a tube integrated amp.  Constraints would be $10K (preferrably $5K or less), at least 35 watts per channel.  New or used.  Goal would be smooth, creamy sound.  My current system, which I would consider very good solid state sound, can still be a little ...hard.... to my sensitive ears at times, and I'm thinking a tube option would be nice.  Thanks.


I'm looking at the McIntosh MA 352 and MA 252 for a second system. I think they have the Sound you're looking for. The 252 is even Creamier than the 352. Hybrids rule.

Quicksilver or Decware would be on the top of my list at $5K or less. Also consider Octave. Unison Research. I have had a couple of McIntosh Tube integrated and they did not stay for more than a minute. Just not to my liking.   


For Tubes, LTA ( Linear Tube Audio) make great integrated units and great tube gear.  Aric Audio is a Boutique custom Tube gear house that if you search this site you’ll find a lot of love for.  Primaluna (I had the Evo400 integrated for several years) is great option but not in the same league as LTA, Aric is also likely a step up based on the custom, quality parts but Primaluna is really easy to use. Audio Hungry and Cary previously mentioned make fine integrated units as well.

Have you thought about a hybrid design?  Can offer the best of both worlds.  Also don’t sleep on SS integrated amps with the sound signature you are looking for.  I was lucky enough to compare SS and Tube gear.  I found some SS gear to be more “tube like” than Tube gear.  Krell makes a great integrated 300i, you’d likely be hard pressed to find an integrated that matched your desired sound signature description better but has the benefit of SS control, grunt as well.  Krell, Pass, Coda and other class A amp integrated’s likely worth a look.

Good Luck. 

@mathiasmingus Ah Um. A bit more about Rogers High Fidelity AMPs. Some work with a phone or tablet to control them. Look for antenna on back. New or certified ones from Rogers High Fidelity also have a life time warranty.  Roger is a mensch (sp?) and a pleasure to deal with.

At 86dB efficiency the Harbeth's would benefit from a more powerful AMP than 35 WPC. Your lower mids and bass would especially improve. If your room is medium to large same thing.

Mingus Plays Piano is a great album and is a perennial favorite.




Only recommendation I have actually heard in a system I know, Decware Zen ZMA and I think a ZTPRE preamp.....paired with Tannoy speakers, and Furutech DIY cables. Truly an incredible set up....though a new purchase could be a two year wait for the product to be manufactured. It could however be customized to your preference (wooden case, knobs, upgraded caps, etc.)

I know it's not an integrated, and with the cables is about $11,000....but for me would be an "end game" purchase