Recommendation Tube Integrated

At this juncture (nearly 2024) what are folks' best recommendagtion for a tube integrated amp.  Constraints would be $10K (preferrably $5K or less), at least 35 watts per channel.  New or used.  Goal would be smooth, creamy sound.  My current system, which I would consider very good solid state sound, can still be a little ...hard.... to my sensitive ears at times, and I'm thinking a tube option would be nice.  Thanks.


@macg19 I couldn't agree more. I have a Cary SLI80 HS paired with Volti Razz and I am over the moon with the set up. In my opinion I'd need to go the route of pre-amp and monoblocks to significantly improve where I am now. There's just good musical synergy with my current set up. 

I'd normally highly recommend the Cary most of the time. However I feel the Cary SLI 80 would not be a good match with the Harbeth's. Perhaps the Cary SLI100, on sale now at Cary Direct starting at $3897.00. More if you fully option the unit, which I did, and do not regret in the least.  

+ 1 for Rogers.  I have an EHF 200 Mk 2. It’s amazingly powerful for a tube integrated, all class A operation, so it runs hot and is not easy on output tubes.   I believe that its quality of workmanship is unsurpassed.  

I find the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III a very high quality integrated amp for the price. To quote their own description, "A Triode/Ultralinear switch allows for on the fly switching between Ultralinear operation and pure triode. Ultralinear offers the most power and a commanding grip on the bass while triode provides a slightly softer and more romantic sound. "

The chances of anybody contributing having heard the Lampizator Pacific, is quite slim. 

How the Pacific is. to Interface with a Valve Integrated, with potentially a Valve Pre Stage, is a wide open conjecture.

Tallking or writing about the assumption of how it will work, is a little bit Spooky, with $5K - $10K being a budget. 

I myself am a Valve DAC user, and Tube Rolling on the Power Amp and DAC, was required to dial in on the Sonic I was to become most attracted to. 

The support I have been given with Tube Rolling is not a commonly available experience. 

I strongly suggest the Amp > DAC to be tried in advance of a purchase. 


I have not heard them, but on a bang for the buck scale, the Black Ice integrates have always intrigued me. And they have a 45-day return policy, so you’d have plenty of time for the tubes to burn in, and decide if they’re your jam.