Recommendation Tube Integrated

At this juncture (nearly 2024) what are folks' best recommendagtion for a tube integrated amp.  Constraints would be $10K (preferrably $5K or less), at least 35 watts per channel.  New or used.  Goal would be smooth, creamy sound.  My current system, which I would consider very good solid state sound, can still be a little ...hard.... to my sensitive ears at times, and I'm thinking a tube option would be nice.  Thanks.


I have not heard them, but on a bang for the buck scale, the Black Ice integrates have always intrigued me. And they have a 45-day return policy, so you’d have plenty of time for the tubes to burn in, and decide if they’re your jam.

About 5 years ago I bought the big Prima Luna Evo 400 integrated amplifier. Within a week I upgraded all the tubes to KT120's and Mullard 12AU7 for the preamp section. Very glad I bought this unit and tubes back then since everything has gone up in price dramatically.  I am very happy with sound and durability of this amp. Highly recommend this brand .

Save your $ & get a Cayin CS-55A...Made by the folks WHO MAKE Prima Luna...
 With this amp you can EASILY switch between EL34 & KT88!!!EASY to bias,compact,BEAUTIFUL build quality & superb sound REGARDLESS of price(under $2k)...

The only thing in common with the PL is that the Cayin is built on and in the same contract production lines and factory. PL is a European design and is built to a higher standard using higher quality components than the Cayin. Labor is the only parallel to be drawn here.

Depends a bit on your room. Saw someone recommend a Leben 600 but for the right space the little Leben 300 is absolute magic. Well in your budget and you could build quite a system around it.