Recommendations and thoughts for end game speakers and amps

Good morning all. I am looking at Rockport Avior ii speakers. My dealer likes Boulder amps with these but I wanted to get everyone’s opinion first. I will be getting an integrated with HT bypass. Right now I’m looking at the Boulder 866, Gryphon Diablo 300, and the Simaudio 700iv2. Has anyone listened to these speakers with these amps? I’m looking for highly detailed but not harsh highs and mids and outstanding bass as well. Basically a set up that performs fantastic from top to bottom. If you have any other speaker or amp suggestions please let me know. Thank you! 
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I recently moved up to Rockport Avior IIs and a Gryphon Diablo 300.  It is an excellent combination, as the Aviors like an amp that can deliver lots of current.  Both the Aviors and the Diablo are excellent throughout the frequency range with no real weak spots.  I’ve listened to other speakers in this price range (Wilson’s) which were excellent, but I felt they still had some weak spots compared to the Aviors.  The Wilson’s had a bit more detail, but also had some additional harshness, to my ears at least.  But that’s really a personal preference, YMMV.  One note, the Aviors are wired internally with Transparent Reference cable, and when they are sent out for review, Rockport requests that the reviewer use Transparent Reference cables for at least part of the review (see the Stereophile review).  Because of that, I tried out those cables and end up going with them.  Good luck!

Thanks for your input. The dealer also likes Transparent cables so I’m thinking I will use them as well. Have you heard the Aviors with any other amps? 
I know Andy Payor is fond of Gryphon amps so hard to see going wrong there.  Another one that’d probably sound great is Vitus — here’s a nice one at a good price...
Best of luck.