Recommendations and thoughts for end game speakers and amps

Good morning all. I am looking at Rockport Avior ii speakers. My dealer likes Boulder amps with these but I wanted to get everyone’s opinion first. I will be getting an integrated with HT bypass. Right now I’m looking at the Boulder 866, Gryphon Diablo 300, and the Simaudio 700iv2. Has anyone listened to these speakers with these amps? I’m looking for highly detailed but not harsh highs and mids and outstanding bass as well. Basically a set up that performs fantastic from top to bottom. If you have any other speaker or amp suggestions please let me know. Thank you! 
My client has Arkansas we took the t+agear to his system the t+a?bested a 12500 pair of krellra amps

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t+a dealers

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Regarding your question about listening to the Aviors with other amps - I originally was using a Levinson 585 with the Aviors.  On my previous speakers (Focal Kanta 2s) it was fine.  However, it had some weaknesses that the Rockports revealed.  Some thinness and lack of detail in the upper midrange and a lack of slam in the bass,  in particular.  The Gryphon, however, sounds spectacular with the Aviors.
Youareleaving out too many variables your front end, digital, analog have a Big influence as well as system cables 
power cords , My brother owns the Gryphon300 it has a very natural warmer character with very good detail it competes or 
beats any $20 k+ separates out there better synergy being amp,preamp of very high quality less power cord,as well as interconnects . Buy a top digital piece a great digital combo 
Bricasti21 dac-streamer great sound and synergy 3 separate  linear power supplies and a ton of other great engineering under 1 hood . Rock port makes a excellent Loudspeaker .