Recommendations for a modestly-priced audio system?

My friend asked me to put together an audio system for her to replace her very old system.    She wants an integrated amp that will take an input from her TT.  God knows the condition of her cartridge and stylus!  There are boatloads of integrated amps with BT-streaming capabilities, which, when she comes to her senses, with get a Spotify/Tidal subscription and forget about her 40-year old collection of ragged vinyl.  Maybe not.  The amp needs to be BT-compatible... no extra components.  

Hopefully, the system will be simple:  an integrated amp and a pair of passive speakers.  The budget is about $1K but I could twist her arm a bit to get to $1.5K.  Recommendations for either the integrated amp and speakers would be very much appreciated, relying on the wealth of knowledge that you fellas have.  I will say that she has a pretty large LV room, sort of an "open room" arrangement, and will need speakers to sufficiently pressurize her large room.

Thanks for any and all input.      
Well, that is what her budget allows.   BT will allow her to stream music to her system from her computer or iPhone via Tidal etc.
Not trying to bring out the flame throwers, but Tekton Design has a couple of models that might fit the bill for speakers: the Mini Lore ($630) and the Lore Reference ($825). The downside is delivery time. Took awhile to receive my Enzo X/L's. It could literally take months, if your friend can wait.

Suggest Amazon for BT compatible integrated amps. A quick search turned up Rockville integrated for under $200. Hope that helps.

Good luck and Happy Listening!
I’ll make some of generalized statements: I’d suggest staying away from a $200 tube amp, Rockville or otherwise, there will be no quality whatsoever to it. Likewise, with her present budget the more options you want built into the amp the lower the quality of each of those individual components, and the amp will likely have less power and the quality of that power will also be compromised.
Okay @facten, I'll go ahead and make a "generalized" statement" too: The budget is the budget.

Obviously, without the BT requirement, there are any number of used amp options that would work. Used speakers can be had for a bargain as well. New is an entirely different story. 

That Rockville amp has nearly 700 product ratings, with 2/3 at 5 stars. Otherwise - not having listened to it myself - I never would have suggested it, or anything like it. Unlike EVERYONE on Audiogon, these consumers are not bona-fide audiophiles; but then again neither is a person with $1,000 to $1,500 in total system budget.

Maybe it's just me, but there appears to be an implicit bias that permeates this site, that if doesn't cost an arm and a leg, or if it's made in China, then it must be junk! Well, based on my purchasing/listening experience that just ain't true. Period.

The recommendation I made is one that I would not hesitate making to my brother, best friend, or anyone else in a similar financial situation looking for good sound … and who also knows exactly where I live. Just trying to be helpful.

Happy Listening!

PS Audio Sprout100 and Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 would be my recommendation.  
+1 for the Sprout + Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 - but it will push the budget (Sprout = $700, Wharfedale = $800/pair).  
Any used SEPERATES will sound good.         An aging seperates will beat and sound better.  

Vanatoo Transparent One Encore active speakers, RSL Speedwoofer 10S subwoofer, Pangea Audio Prime RCA cable for sub connection (or the RSL wireless adapter). Probably couldn't do any better for $1k. Has all the input options she'd need.
Schiit Mani phono preamp with Audioquest Black Mamba II Interconnects(s) - if you want a decent, cheap phono stage.
I was going to suggest the PS Audio Sprout 100 also.  Those Wharfdale’s look good too.  If she doesn’t want floorstanders or doesn’t want to spend $1500, you could look at the Triangle Borea BR03 bookshelfs for $550 a pair. Sean at Zero Fidelity (Youtube) reviewed and was impressed with them.
Also, I wouldn't suggest getting passive speakers with a $1k budget. Having to include decent speaker cables in the mix will push the quality of the whole system way down. The Vanatoo T1E alone ($600) would be a great buy, and I'd wager that it's literally impossible to build a passive system that could come anywhere close (regarding SQ) for the money.
This is a ‘no brainer’ the new Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 has it all, even Room Correction. The best £1K going

Klipsch RP-600M and the Vista Audio Spark. The Klipsch monitors really truck with few watts and the Spark is a wonderful class A/B compact amp. Then, add an Emotiva Bluetooth. The Emotiva sounds decent on it's own, but you can feed it to a better DAC via TOS later. 
This is my area.  I help loads of “cheap” people all the time.  She needs a pair of Klipsch Premiere RP-160M speakers and a Yamaha A-S801 integrated amp in silver.  People can get a lot of satisfaction out of that combo.  It’s perfect.  Unfortunately, many products are still impossible to get right now, but things are slowly improving.  Those speakers are on sale right now and you could add a pair of nice cables and still be under $1,500.  Good luck!
I've for quite a while happily had a little 25wpc Napa Acoustics integrated in my office system (driving Fostex based Brine 2000s).  For laughs, I've plugged it into my main system, where a Pass Int-60 normally resides, and the Napa definitely punches above its weight.

I paid a few hundred bucks used; it does not have BT but Napa's newer Cask (500$ new) does.
For speakers, maybe the 2 of you would have fun building a simple 2-way or single driver kit, from someplace like Madisound.  Their entry level 2 way and MTM sound good and are good value.
For a completely different direction, if she's willing to pass on the vinyl: I've recommended Audio Engine A5s (I have the A2s at work), to several non hobbyist friends, and they've been very pleased.  There's now an HD6, for less than 600 bucks refurbished.  Way under budget, all she needs is computer source, and sounds pretty good,  if her room is not too large.

 +1 Sprout and Elac ... everthing covered! 

Let us know what ya come up with!
Here you go:
Marantz pm7000n, all-in-one amp/digital streamer (tidal/spotify/etc natively supported)/phono input/alexa control/even roon, .....


Triangle Borea BR03 speakers.

MSRP for the pair under $1500, but you can find for less. I own both (BR02 for speakers, I needed a little smaller size) and they are great performers for the price.
@strateahed , sorry to have ruffled your feathers about the Rockville, and I fully understand what the budget is. You or someone else want to buy a $200 tube amp have at it, and good luck.  BTW, I don't have an issue with buying quality products from China, I have a Line Magnetic integrated amp.
I know money does not want to be spent on this but I would check the stylus. If it is in bad shape she could be damaging her vinyl.
One option, the Yamaha A-s301 retails for $350. 65wpc, internal DAC and Phonostage, Mate with efficient speaker of choice. 

Add external bluetooth or whatever for streaming, start a different thread on this. 

TT may need a tuneup. 
Sorry, I just picked up on the no extra device for bluetooth. Yamaha does make a device that plugs into the back of the integrated. 
As someone who enjoys reading about expensive equipment I’ll never be able to afford I think she would probably bee happy with a Cambridge Audio AXR85 receiver and KEF Q350 speakers. The receiver has a phono input and Bluetooth that works reasonably well within the same room. The speakers go on sale every 6 months which can save a couple hundred dollars but aren’t on sale now.
You need to get some respect for her Vinyl, then help her, make her understand a phono equalization stage needs to be between the cartridge and any ’line level’ input.

TT, cartridge, alignment of cartridge, stylus are all questionable.

My approach:

1. new simple TT with built-in phono eq (these can be turned on or off. ’ON’ already equalized goes straight to any line level, i.e. straight to an Integrated Amp without a phono stage (most).. OFF must go to an external phono eq, somewhere, that then goes to line level.

Audio Technica Belt Drive, optional eq built-in, cartridge pre-installed, aligned, new stylus. $120. (upgrade TT in the future) (add a phono stage later)

Optional Direct Drive, USB out $280.

2. efficient speakers, two way, no ports, nice highs, mids, some bass. (add self-powered sub in future) (upgrade the mains in the future)

3. integrated amp with remote volume. I like having balance, treble, bass, (manual is fine, remote is very nice) and it is always nice to have tone bypass.

Naim Mu-so V2 All-in-One System..Bam

+1 PS Audio Sprout100

The no longer made Peachtree Audio decco125Sky (find one used) does it all and has bluetooth.. Got one for a kid and it's very good for what it is

Spread the love, do a Parts Express DIY speaker build and tell THEM what you're doing. I expect you can get everything you need with good interconnect NEW for under 1500.00 MAYBE even 1000.00.

It's fun, and you can build and prime a pair of GREAT MTM or something close with true audiophile results.  With a little hybrid valve unit and a phono stage built in or separate, NEW and PEs full blown tech support. BT, WiFi, remote all that stuff. Easy peasy..

I built a wonderful system all used except the tube preamp (79.00) and the power amp for under 750.00.

 Infinity RS4b and Sony ES silver spinner.. KILLER little system I used a PE 2.1 50X100 watt class d amp.. Solid as a rock for 3 years now..79.00

A 250.00 valve phono pre is out there NEW.. DJ use them all the time and there are a few to chose from. SS too.. Either or...

IF Vinyl is her thing make sure the VINYL thing is taken care of WELL. :-)

Fruit for thought OP
The PS Audio Sprout/Elac option looks perfect and you're supporting a stand-up business.
Well, I knew you fellas would come up with some excellent suggestions and you have.  I am leaning towards the Cambridge AXA-85 receiver and the Tekton M-Lore speakers.  She will have the ability to connect her TT to the amp, but clearly her TT needs some upgrading or getting tossed into recycling.  Once she gets nice system and starts streaming music, I think she will abandon the notion of playing her old vinyl.  Thanks again for the suggestions and any further ones are welcome as well.   
Marantz has a nice two channel integrated. For Bluetooth go with an iFi zen blue $129 and will stream hi res audio. Speakers like for sales HBO has some good bookshelf’s right now
Do you have a specific Marantz amp in mind?  Your reference to bookshelf speakers on sale is unclear; can you clarify?  Thank you, Mark

A further question for consideration.  Might it be desirable to forgo a BT-enabled amp and go with an external BT device like the iFi Zen Blue device instead. Frankly, my friend is a casual listener and aging, like me, and wants to keep everything simple. 
Arcam SA10 integrated amp for $799, KEF Q150 on sale for $300, buy a used cheap subwoofer $150. If you are in the Chicagoland area My local store that I buy from has all of this:
if you are not in this area look up a KEF dealer since this is the one thing on sale. I hope this helped. 

My rec of the axr85 is partially based in the ease of connecting iPhone, iPad or Mac via Bluetooth. Just a button on the remote. Also allows adjusting treble bass and balance from the listening position with the remote. The ifizen blue might give a marginally better conection (I've occasionally experienced interference when using bluetooth with my axr100) but the all in one box solution seems simpler and given your friends requirements I'd stick with the axr85. 
I have several Sprout100 and I am very pleased.  The Sprout100 is class D and runs very cool.   However, it does run warmer with my 87db Canton Karat 920 speakers than my 93db Kirksaeter speakers.   Elac speakers are not very sensitive so I would recommend the Klipsch speakers over Elac.   The bluetooth in the PS Audio does not support AptX but that is fine with me as my iPad does not support AptX anyway.   Also the support at PS Audio responsive and timely.
Peachtree Nova 150 used is around $700-$800. I sold mine but it was connected to a KEF LS50 that can be found for about $700. The KEF's fill up my 12 x 20 x 25+ room surprisingly well. Though the LS50s now have Benchmark AHB2 mono on them and they are more powerful than the NOVA 150.

I think the NOVA has BT or some sort of iPhone integration. Peachtree may also have a BT add-on module.
Since the mini Lores are pretty high sensitivity, you don't need much power to get them, here is another option that is well reviewed, has a remote, blue tooth connectivity, phono connectivity, and price of speakers and integrated amp....$1100.

NAD D 3020 V2 Stereo integrated amplifier with built-in DAC and Bluetooth® at Crutchfield
It's hard for audiophiles to separate their desires from what the masses are asking for.  I have done that for many years in recommending stereos.
I would go with the new yamaha equipment like the R-N602 and then throw in the Elac  Debut 2.0 B6.2.  Around $900.  If she can stretch the budget go with the Elac  Debut 2.0 F6.2, floorstander of the above.  Or throw in the Klipsh RP 4000F or the 280F.  There you go something from the real world.  I have purchased the new yamaha for others and they sound great again.
I visited my friend today to size up the situation and her needs.  She needs music is two zones: first, the upstairs area where her audio cabinet resides with existing crappy speakers on top of the cabinet, playing into her bedroom directly across from from the cabinet.  The other speakers will be in the LV on the ground floor and both pairs are connected to speaker wire.  Her TT looks pretty good, Quartz-something, I need to look at the photos of  it, but the stylus is canted 25 degrees sideways!  That is a distant, and costly, memory for me. 

My recommendation is for the Cambridge AXR85 receiver and a pair of Tekton M-Lores for the downstairs room.   Then swap out the crappy Kenwoods on the second floor with most anything that will be better -- the ELAC monitors would be a tremendous improvement over these existing speakers for a song.  

Here is the question that I can't quite plumb, from a functional standpoint.  Her goal is for her to be able to sit downstairs and be able to select the downstairs speakers with the remote.  Conversely, she wants to be able select the upstairs speakers on the remote and only play them?  Or perhaps select both pairs of speakers... again from the remote?

I guess what I am angling at is whether the remote can effectively "reach" through the ceiling from the main floor to the second floor to the receiver, maybe 30' or so, and still function, because that is a prerequisite.  If not, are there "boosters"  that would solve the connectivity issue?   I hope the question is clear enough.  

I would ask these Q's to Crutchfield when I order the receiver, but you fellas are my muse so I came to you to get the real story on the BT connectivity.  Thanks for any insights.   I will sort out this cheap and cheerful system for my friend very shortly and let you fellas get back to concentrating on HEA. 

BTW, have a nice system with a Don Sachs preamp, and a new VTV Audio Purifi amp with the Sparkos op amp, the latter of which is really impressing me with its astonishing clarity.  Don Sachs' preamp is wonderful. I have Buchardt S400 speakers and Spatial Audio M4 Triode Masters, both of which are very satisfying.   

I picked up a used SR Orange fuse a week ago and swapped it in my Sachs preamp, expecting to made of fool of, as my trials of everything in the past from SR has been a total bust.   As as fervent "anti-fuser", I will bear my heart and admit that the SQ was very nicely improved with the swapped fuse... a much clearer sound with more articulation to the notes.  Not quite as efficacious as the addition of the GAIA footers under my Spatials, but nevertheless very noticeable and favorable.   It is all good these days.  


Definitely this!!
Then pick...
 There are also assorted Canton, Paradigm and Totem speakers in this price range that would all work well with a Yamaha AS701.
 Grab some Blue Jeans rca/phono cables  And their Ten White or Canare 4s11 Speaker cable and you may still have enough to get a newer cheap stylus/cartridge or year subscription to spotify or Tidal premium.
Shoot, I just saw your 2 zone remote control comment. Can't do that with the Yamaha A-S701 I recommended. Sounds like she wants something more like a Sonos system to pick and choose zones.
Here is what Crutchfield says about the remote:

Use a universal remote control

An RF (radio frequency) remote can be used to control components that are out of the line of sight of typical IR (infrared) remotes. RF signals can pass through walls and ceilings, which makes this type of remote a good option for controlling your connected sources from another room.

And here is a link to the page where at the bottom you can ask them for help:

Multi-room Video with a Home Theater Receiver (
BTW.  New cartridge a must.  keeping in line with costs. Sumiko Pearl, Ortophon Red.  Little higher up the foodchain.  AT VM540ML(giant killer) or Denon DL160( the red one)