Recommendations for a new integrated amp for Vandersteen 3a speakers

I acquired some Vandersteen 3a speakers a few months back to replace my Theil CS1s and would like to update my system to accommodate them. The recommended power range from the mfg is 100-200 wpc.
I have been using my old Adcom GFP-555II preamp and NAD 2100 amp and would like to upgrade with a new or used integrated amp to replace them. I have been considering:
Wyred 4 Sound sti-1000 or sti-500
Musical Fidelity M6i
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum or Pharaoh
Odyssey Stratos (keep the preamp)
Vincent Audio SV-237
Unison Unico
Peachtree Nova 220 se
My budget is $1500 for this upgrade. 
Please help me narrow the list or add some other options to consider to upgrade the system!


...sell the preamp - go integrated or a power amp that you can play directly. Save money on interconnects - and simply your system...
One reason the Belles matches up well with Vandersteens is because of the complementary “voicing” of the amp and speakers. It’s one key to any system’s success. Obviously this “match” is well known and well regarded in audio circles and should be at the top of your list. Used Arias go for around $1500 so be patient and pick one up when available. Good luck!
OP- if you don't do 3A sigs, then I would agree with others about getting Belles, Schiit, or MF. IMO you can't go wrong with any of them with Vandies. I also would recommend Vincent, because that's what I'm using with my 2Ce Sig IIs and it sounds wonderful, musical and relaxed. But, like the above stated, it is Chinese built...

I'd suggest the AMR AM-777 ($6000) listed here on audiogon used for $1500. Very good sounding integrated! Great deal.