Recommendations for a small tube amplifier?

I have a modest office system for near-field listening that I spend a lot of time with and have been gradually evolving over the last couple of years.

I'd like your advice about a tube power amp to use with a pair of JohnBlue JB3 single-driver speakers and a NuForce Icon used as a DAC and preamp.

Preferences would be for a small footprint and the use of fairly common output tubes. I have a box full of EL34's, KT88's and 6L6 tubes I could use but would be open to other easily found tubes like EL84's.

I don't need a lot of power, the 12 watt Icon has plenty of power for the JB3's. Bass isn't a major consideration since I have the NuForce W1 subwoofer in the system.

I'd be open to building an amp from a kit, my first piece of audio gear was a Dynaco SCA-35 I built when I was 19.

One option I've looked at is the Sophia Baby but I'd like other ideas, as well. I'd like to spend $400 or less if possible.

Thanks for your help.
I like the small rouge products, built tough sound good and if there is ever a problem the factory is after all a short ride from nyc.
911audio - thanks, yes, I had a Rogue Cronus integrated for awhile but didn't find it as nice sounding as the AES/Cary amp I had and it seemed to really push the tubes much harder, particularly the input tubes.

You're right, the service from Rogue was exemplary and I would recommend them to anyone as a great company to deal with. Is there a Rogue power amp you would recommend that's close to my budger?
Get yourself a JWN tube amp. There's one on the bay right now. Easily the best small tube amp you can buy. Jim Nichols makes some great little tube amps and backs them up with great service if it should ever be needed.

I bought an amp of his, never even heard of him or heard one of his amps. All I can say is that I'm a believer!