Recommendations for against the wall high efficiency speakers

I’m a believer in synergy, not individual components.   I’m setting up a new system in my condo and like most condos, I’ve got some limitations.   My room is 16’ wide and 35’ long, 9’ height.   The system will be placed 2/3 down on the long wall.   It’s the living room and my wife says no ugly room treatments as it’s our living room.   Just to head this off - I don’t need a new wife.    I listen at moderate levels (usually 70-85db).   Mostly progressive rock and jazz, all streamed, no phono.   Budget is $8k, for used speakers.   Once the speakers are mostly set, I'll work on amps, preamp, DAC, streamer, & cables ($25k all in budget, all used components).


The speakers will need to be placed right up next to the wall, so I was thinking of Ohm or Larsen, but these aren't very efficient – are there other options?   I’d like much higher efficiency as I like the dynamic presentation I generally get with that setup, but I don’t know of any efficient speakers I can place next to the wall.


I can add subs, if necessary, but I do need to take into account my neighbors above and below me.


I should add that historically, I've really preferred the sound of dipoles or open-baffle designs, but I don't have the space for them here.


Any suggestions or recommendations for my new-to-me main speakers?


@grislybutter - excellent resource in your response.

@noodlyarm : Dare I say you live in New York?  Well, I do, and I am in a similar set up in my apartment.  I recommend you give strong consideration to Audio Monitor Silver 500G 7 series (I believe 90.5 efficiency rating).  See below for my setup details.  Admittedly your budget is higher, but I chose the AM 500 7g after auditioning/listening to SF Lumina III, B&W 700 series options, Totems, and Focal 928.  I think the speed, resolution and soundstage of the AMs are great for the money, and even stood out from the (much) more expensive pack at the 2022 Toronto Audio show.  I like the synergy with with my Hegel.  


** Hegel 190 (did not do the firmware update as I hear it shifts audio level such that 40 would now play at like 70).  
** Monitor Audio 500 7G
** Pine Tree Audio Cables (6ft Iso-Quad Bi-Wire)
** Sources: Tidal via BubbleUpnP and Spotify


* Going slightly over budget for Revel Ultima Salon 2, since you could probably get this premier (slightly older speaker), though it's honestly probably too much speaker for your space.

* I've never personally heard Dyanaudio Contours and Confidence series but their price point and reviews seem to be compelling, on my short list to hear at some point.

* If you can find the avantgarde zero ta plus for that price point, it may blow you away, but hard to find and likely slightly more.  Amazing how after 15 minutes of listening the "horn" type of sound starts to normalize and then you wonder why they're not embraced more.

The Zu Floorstanders are flush to the wall.  I have the Dirty Weekenders, if that helps any.  Even the Omen monitors are just a few inches from the wall as they are on top of bookcases.