Recommendations for against the wall high efficiency speakers

I’m a believer in synergy, not individual components.   I’m setting up a new system in my condo and like most condos, I’ve got some limitations.   My room is 16’ wide and 35’ long, 9’ height.   The system will be placed 2/3 down on the long wall.   It’s the living room and my wife says no ugly room treatments as it’s our living room.   Just to head this off - I don’t need a new wife.    I listen at moderate levels (usually 70-85db).   Mostly progressive rock and jazz, all streamed, no phono.   Budget is $8k, for used speakers.   Once the speakers are mostly set, I'll work on amps, preamp, DAC, streamer, & cables ($25k all in budget, all used components).


The speakers will need to be placed right up next to the wall, so I was thinking of Ohm or Larsen, but these aren't very efficient – are there other options?   I’d like much higher efficiency as I like the dynamic presentation I generally get with that setup, but I don’t know of any efficient speakers I can place next to the wall.


I can add subs, if necessary, but I do need to take into account my neighbors above and below me.


I should add that historically, I've really preferred the sound of dipoles or open-baffle designs, but I don't have the space for them here.


Any suggestions or recommendations for my new-to-me main speakers?


@ozzy62 you understanding of the word "flawed" is flawed. Same for high efficiency. But.... good effort.

@noodlyarm There is at least 1 Audio Note dealer in South Florida. You can find all their US dealers on the Audio Note website.

Two items you left out, is anything being placed between the speakers and can a pair of wing walls be built at the outside ends of each speaker. Reason for the wing walls is Audio Note speakers typically are placed in corners and the wing walls would create that while defining the space. Sounds like Zu would work best. Anything other than a low rack between the speakers may become another issue to resolve particularly if it is cabinetry. Not sure what your wife has in mind but it seems she has constraints on you for some reason.


there is no LaScala AK6.

And I never said there is. I spelled it correctly: "La Scala"

The AK6 was a typo from a review. Which is not a FLAW. But yes, there was ONE typo in my list from my database of 400 speakers.

You made a bigger mistake trying to correct me, when you couldn't spell La Scala. 

I am done with this kindergarten argument. You are just being difficult and vile. I spent 3 months putting together a database of speakers, entering data every weekend. I share it HERE  happily and freely when it's relevant to a question.

It seriously depresses me when I get a comment like this. Did you have a bad day? Are you taking it out on me? It did ruin my evening yesterday because I never acted in any bad way against you and yet your comment was demeaning and hurtful. 

Back to the basics: you have no clue what flawed means in terms of a database being flawed. A typo is not a flaw. I spent decades building software and database products that made great contributions to various industries, I know what flawed is vs quality is.

What's wrong with this world is belittling comments like yours.