Recommendations for against the wall high efficiency speakers

I’m a believer in synergy, not individual components.   I’m setting up a new system in my condo and like most condos, I’ve got some limitations.   My room is 16’ wide and 35’ long, 9’ height.   The system will be placed 2/3 down on the long wall.   It’s the living room and my wife says no ugly room treatments as it’s our living room.   Just to head this off - I don’t need a new wife.    I listen at moderate levels (usually 70-85db).   Mostly progressive rock and jazz, all streamed, no phono.   Budget is $8k, for used speakers.   Once the speakers are mostly set, I'll work on amps, preamp, DAC, streamer, & cables ($25k all in budget, all used components).


The speakers will need to be placed right up next to the wall, so I was thinking of Ohm or Larsen, but these aren't very efficient – are there other options?   I’d like much higher efficiency as I like the dynamic presentation I generally get with that setup, but I don’t know of any efficient speakers I can place next to the wall.


I can add subs, if necessary, but I do need to take into account my neighbors above and below me.


I should add that historically, I've really preferred the sound of dipoles or open-baffle designs, but I don't have the space for them here.


Any suggestions or recommendations for my new-to-me main speakers?




Sorry. But someone goes through the trouble of posting such an extensive list… one intended to allow someone to follow up and dig in to the details gets my respect, not criticism. 

While I am a scientist at heart, I really appreciate folks offering information. Not critical of a few details.

@ghdprentice The list perplexes me. Does the author of the list have any experience with the items? Furthermore, technical specs for speakers are bogus. Mr. Devore said that himself, and his speakers are typically high efficiency. You may as well walk into a Hi-Fi shop and ask for a catalog. I am not being sarcastic here. All Hi-Fi shops stand behind their products, so every available item for sale is curated in a sense. This is truer for small shops which can't carry much inventory. 

Salesmen can help you, that's what they do. 


It's data from speaker manufacturer's web sites. Which I said many times.

I have no clue what you are asking. Are you saying published specs are bogus?
Are you also asking (for reasons that are a mystery to me) if I have what experience with the items? How would my experience be relevant? It is an OBJECTIVE list of DATA. The point of OBJECTIVE stuff is exactly the opposite of one's experience, it's about the data that speaker manufacturer's publish. 

I have one advice for you: scroll. If you can't read a list and not criticize it from such a self-serving angle, just skip it. I thought the other dude was picky but at least he had a debatable point. 



Not something I would ask for or need.

I personally develop my own lists by starting with highly reviewed components… like Stereophile and The Absolute Sound recommended components. Then I research those. i will discover a couple more in the process. I don’t want new flash in the pan companies. But that is me.


I was only commenting that, it is nice someone went through the trouble…