recommendations for amplifiers that don't emit tons of heat

I tried a Krell ksa 150 and while I liked the sound, it was like having a space heater in the room. I now have an Audio research vt100. It sounds fantastic, but it makes the room hot as well. Not as bad as the Krell, but it's still a drag in the summer.

I'm guessing I should just suck it up, but I'm curious what cooler running options there are that sound as good (or better)... suggestions?

Class d is a cool running option,if you don't like the sound and some people don't then find a Solid state class a/b amp that you like.

Probably wouldn't want a tube amp for the heat issues that they can have also.

It would help us maybe give you a list a candidates if we knew,

Your budget
The rest of your system,primarily your speakers.
Room size
Sound levels
Types of music that you listen too.

  I use a digital amp company cherry plus amp.  Very clean and powerful and runs cool.  I pair it with a tube preamp and it sound very nice
I owned as McCormack DNA 500 for a while and it never got
hot. One of the cooler running amp's I've owned.

Thanks for your responses! I'll check out that link.

In the meantime...

Kenny, I have and audio research ls27 preamp and paradigm studio 40 v4 speakers. The room is 8x10, and it's lined with shelves of records, making it even smaller. No room for floor standing speakers, and placement is suboptimal. I realize such a small room has limited potential, but all the upgrades have been fruitful so far, and I've also bought keeping a future space change in mind. So while I need something that sounds good with the studio 40's, there will likely be a speaker change at some point and I want an amp that can handle bigger speakers.

I always buy used and my budget is $2000