Recommendations for CD Player/DAC Combo

I was slightly surprised that there isn't a very large selection of CD player/DAC combos out there.  Yamaha, Marantz, Musical Fidelity, and a few others make them, but not many other companies.  It seems like building a cd player into a DAC makes a lot of sense, like an integrated amp.  Can anyone recommend one these?  My budget would $3000 tops.  Thanks, J
I use a Cambridge 851n streamer with built in DAC and preamp. Paired with a Cambridge Audio transport. Great combo. This setup is in my vintage system. Pioneer SX-1280, denon DP 62L, B&W 805S. 
Still hard to beat my old Sony PS3 used as transport into nad d3020 v2.
All PS3 were vastly over engineered and cost Sony a lot of dollars!
Most spinners only transport 16/44 signal, not hi res.
Even the new ones like the high and might Jay's CD Transport that is hyping on a nearby thread. 

Typically you have to pay a few grand even for a new or used proper SACD/CD Transport. No, I dont like the Oppo's. I had the 105. The transported signal was crap compared to my SimAudio CDP. But the PS3's, early version, can rip the SACDs.
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