Recommendations for CDP < $300

I'm new to hifi. Not really an audiophile yet. Inherited a nice older system but the Arcam CD92 player just died. 

I'm currently using an old low end Sony but it really belongs to a basic low end system down at my cabin. I have a couple of books on top of it and sorbothane pads under the feet and I'm okay with the SQ. But, it needs to go back down to my cabin.

Looking at used CD players on eBay, prices are all over the place and I'm a little leery of buying a used low end player which may have been mishandled etc. And even some with low prices have shipping rates that make even the cheap ones not worth the bother.

So now I'm looking at a new one. Prefer sub $300. There are three I'm looking at: Onkyo C-7030 for $200. NAD C538 for $300. It sounds like these two have the same Wolfson DAC. Not sure why the NAD is $100. I've pretty much ruled out a Cambridge CD-10 at $300 because it does not have gap-less play back. I don't listen to a ton of classical but I do some and pauses between classical arrangements would be a deal breaker.

I have noticed that some reviews are claiming newer CDPs sound much better than older CDPs due to improved technology. Not sure if this is true or not. Any reason to prefer new to historically good older models?

Anyway, besides the Onkyo and the NAD are there other sub $300 units I should look at? Anything else I need to consider?

Onkyo makes good products.  I think at the price point your talking about, I wouldn't agonize over it.  
usaudiomart has an Arcam CD92 listed at $595. This really makes me wonder about getting mine fixed. I've emailed the repair shop to see what they think.

I know nothing about electronics but would agree, if the Ring DAC is toast it will be too expensive to repair. If it is somehow just the RCA output side of things then maybe not too much. Not even sure that is possible.
yes, just need to see if it would be worth fixing or not.

I bought a used Arcam CDP in 2008 for about $350. the disc drive went out 3 months later. No one would buy an injured CDPlayer, so I sent it in for the drive to be replaced. About $250 to fix it. 
So $350  + $250 = 600 invested.
Sold for $325 after 4 months of trying to sell.

So I lost $275 on the whole deal.
Just FYI, buyer beware, just my personal experience.
Emotiva CD-100 @ $299 new, shipped free to the US? I don't own any Emotiva equipment, but it hits your pricepoint and my general opinion is that Emotiva make good value for money products.
I own an Arcam CD 73 that needs it’s laser assembly replaced for the second time, I’m guessing. Fwiw.