Recommendations for Ceiling Speakers

So, I moved into a new home that has been pre-wired for ceiling speakers in my living room and media room.  I have a few questions:  The LR has 10' ceilings, windows on one wall, and open to the kitchen and dining room.  Due to the layout and Mom's wishes, I can't use floor speakers in the LR.  We primarily watch TV in the LR.  I would appreciate recommendations for ceiling speakers.  I really don't want to use a soundbar if I can avoid it.

My media room is 12 1/2' x 18' with 10' ceilings.  The room has a platform towards the back that is 100" wide and 6+' deep.  It holds a couch and two chairs.  The entrance is just left of the platform.  I want to purchase at least two new floor standing speakers, perhaps a center speaker and want to know whether I can use the ceiling rears as my surround speakers.  Due to the doorway and the limited space remaining on the platform, I don't have room for stand mounted surround speakers.  Finally, can the front ceiling speakers be used as atmos type speakers?  The current ceiling speakers in the media room are Pioneer Elites 130 W, 6 ohm.  I suspect they are 7 years old; the age of the house.

i have Totem in our Sunroom, excellent sound and they make inwall subs also....
room is canteliver over Puget Sound with 32’ of glass windowed wall, so speakers blocking verbotten by war department....
ours run on moderate NAD power w Bluesound source and they rock with finesse IMO.......hard to improve on tge sunset, but they do
After a familyroom remodel my better half “recommended “ we do away with the idea of floorstanders or bookshelf on stands therefore my search began for a competent in ceiling setup. Ultimately ended up with B&W 7 series as mains, 6 series for rears, CC6s2 for center, JL Audio e-112 built in to custom cabinet. Power is Yamaha RX-A3060. Source is streamed Tidal and Oppo UDP-203. Room size is 14’ wide, 35’ long, 8’ ceilings. Both music and movies sound darn good for an invisible system. 
If it was me, I would choose JBL's ceiling speaker because JBL was so famous for the good music speakers. JBL's ceiling loudspeakers for extremely good sound, warm bass. In addition, you can refer to some of TOA's ceiling speaker models as here: However, TOA loudspeaker models tend to favor more workshops.
I just did my basement theater with all triad speakers for the walls and ceilings and subs    Loving it