Recommendations for digital music servers?

Hello everyone, I just purchased a Hegel H390, pick it up tomorrow. I'm looking for the best way to listen to my digital library. I currently use a Mac Mini with an external SSD. The Mac has USB and Toslink outs. I've read that USB isn't the best connector to use with the 390. The H390 streams so I don't think I need a streamer, probably just a music server. If possible, I'd like to keep it under $2,000. Any recommendations?

My System
Hegel H390 integrated amp
Sutherland Little Loco phono amp
VPI Prime turntable
Transfiguration Axia cartridge
Revel F208 speakers
Sumiko S-10 subs
If you want to use the UPnP streaming function of the Hegel H390, then you need a UPnP server. Install MinimServer (v0.8 is free, v2 has free and paid options) on your Mac Mini, and connect both the Mac Mini and your H390 to your local network.
Thanks nekoaudio for the feedback, don't know about UPnP but I will research. I've mostly listened to analog so much to learn...
exaSound Delta Music Server A digital front end comprises several elements: data storage, library management, Grimm Audio MU1 music streamer.

As @nekoaudio has indicated, your Mac can be used as a server.  Since you already own this, and are new to streaming, it’s the best and most economical starting point.  I used a MacAir for a while as a server Most servers are packaged with streamers and you already have one.The Mac also gives you the toslink option, and many servers limit you to usb.  As to which sounds better, use your own ears to decide.

  Eventually most of us move on to dedicated servers, and not have to put up with the issues that can arise with using general computers.  I recommend the Melco N100.  It is a server/streamer, and it comes with a 2TB HD.  Sounds great, works flawlessly.  You can transfer the contents of your MacMini to the HD or connect the Mac and just play.  It is usb only, however, so if you decide that the usb input of your DAC is subpar, then not for you unless you use a converter