Recommendations for good sounding streamer

I am looking for a decent sounding streamer without breaking the bank. My daughter has Spotify premium and it would be nice to connect up to my audio system (de Havilland UltraVerve tube preamp, McCormack DNA-1 amp, Martin Logan SL3s).

I mostly listen to vinyl (Pro-ject RPM5) and CDs (Ultech UCD100) using the internal DAC. I do have a V90 DAC however that I used for playing digital from my phone. 

I don't really have the money any more for expensive digital playback. So what a recommendations for bang for the buck system. Could include using my V90 DAC. 

Reading through the forum here it seems that Spotify is not the best quality digital (Tidal seems to come up a lot). But for now we have tons of Spotify playlists - just looking for an affordable way. 

Some considerations:

Bluesound NODE 3

iFi Zen Stream

Any others? Pros/cons?


I second a Google Chromecast Audio

@zerofox Uh, no.  Just…no.  It’s complete shite. There’s a reason they don’t make them anymore.  RIP Chromecast Audio.  

I certainly wouldn’t use Spotify.  Use either Tidal or Qobuz and stream hi-res.  Otherwise why bother.

For the money Bluesound is a good bet. You’ll need to spent a lot more to get noticeable improvement IMO. The streaming journey is a good one but spring for Tidal or Quobuz for the real experience.

Bluesound node for sure. Don’t listen to the “has to be hardwired” nerds. At this level it doesn’t matter. But you should upgrade to tidal. That will make a difference in sound quality for sure. 

Node all the way...  the Vault 2i  ( Node's cousin) was my introduction to streaming and it literally changed my life.    I've enjoyed for three years ,  like deadhead1000 I spent $5k to better it.   Best value in streamers in my opinion.  Continuous support and good user interface with any Tablet ,iPad, or phone.   

I discovered more music in 3 years with that thing  than I have in 50 years