Recommendations for good WiFi speakers

Any recommendations for wireless speakers that are either battery-powered or can be pre-charged (avoiding permanent wiring)?

If possible stereo, and good overall sound quality.

I’d prefer WiFi over Bluetooth (if there are decent options), but I’m open to consider well built high-res Bluetooth as well.

Thank you!




I didn’t watch the video, but don’t the KEFs have be plugged into an outlet?



I guess I missed the part about you wanting rechargeable also.  Tall order!  Good luck.

Budget? It depends what’s out there. It’s the secondary set, kinda, so I don’t want to spend too much. 

WiFi probably limits the choices. 

The LS50 and LSX certainly peeked my interest. My experiences with KEF are mixed. Happy with the Q500s but had an older KEF sub for a while - too many issues, even after replacing a capacitor, and rather boomy. Maybe I’d consider the LS if I came across a used pair in good shape. 

Sonos, what I’ve listen to so far was too boomy for my ears, but maybe a matter of setup.