Recommendations for good WiFi speakers

Any recommendations for wireless speakers that are either battery-powered or can be pre-charged (avoiding permanent wiring)?

If possible stereo, and good overall sound quality.

I’d prefer WiFi over Bluetooth (if there are decent options), but I’m open to consider well built high-res Bluetooth as well.

Thank you!


Budget? It depends what’s out there. It’s the secondary set, kinda, so I don’t want to spend too much. 

That’s not an answer.  I’m not wasting my time playing your guessing game.  Good luck.

No intentions to play guessing or waste anyone’s anything, soix.
Needed to get an idea what the range is, otherwise, well… I’m just guessing.
But fair enough - here it is: max $600/paiir.

Can we continue that conversation now that the budget of max $600/pair has been clarified? Any more recommendations for WiFi speakers?

In addition I’d like to hear from folks who had experiences with making powered speakers into WiFi speakers. Looks like that could be an option (as long as no soldering and such is required).