Recommendations for IC and speaker cable

I’m in need of some recommendations for above mentioned cables. I’ll be soon looking to upgrade my entire cable entourage. I’m looking to get more synergy with my system and a cable which enhances the music experience. System consists of Krell Pre/Pro, Krell Amplifiers, Musical Fidelity CD Player, Oppo DVD and B&K 803D2 Speakers. After many hours doing research the path leads to Transparent cable which are said to be most synergetic with the Krells. Room is very much acoustically correct and everything is superb with exception of occasional high frequency anomalies (more apparent in older recordings or poorly mastered recordings)

Currently connected cables are all Blue Jeans cables which are acceptable but I feel I’m missing something in the big picture. These cables? give me a unpleasant high frequency metallic "screech", at some tweeter frequencies, for lack of better term. Cabling is XLR from Pre/Pro to Amp, Digital Coax CD to Pre/Pro, Digital Coax DVD to Pre Pro, 10GA Speaker with Bananas both ends. I’m reading that the Transparent cables will take care of this High frequency "screech". Does anyone here have suggestions as to what alternate cable to look into? I plan on trying a few brand names out without actually purchasing them unless I’m satisfied that they are the cable I like most in my system.

I’ll value any input you may have but lets not go to knocking BlueJeans as they have provided much enjoyment over the years and worth the little amount spent. I’m now retired and listen to my system much much more and am now noticing the little nuances so I’m looking for input for alternative cabling. I also love the Krell sound so no I’m not changing equipment, only cable recommendations please.

I'm a Paul Speltz Anti-Cable fan also, both speaker and IC's.
They replaced my way more expensive MIT cables, and a good bud replaced his stupid expensive Cardas cables.

I love the Anti Cables and interconnects in my system. Replaced more expensive Morrow Cables.

Re: Yage.
I agree earlier models of Transparent cables didn't go well with Vandersteen's, but I have to say the current line-up, is much more smoother.
Zu is selling their earlier cables on Ebay, and they can be gotten for considerably less than the original asking price-sometimes you can score a great deal. I find them a tad clearer than Audioquest Rocket's, if that is any help.
I only have the Transparent's because I had an earlier model that had a broken banana pin. Rather than just repair the termination, Transparent offered me an upgrade to the new model, which was not exactly cheap, but doable. Though I am glad I did it, I probably wouldn't do it again.