Recommendations for power amp placement/dampening

Hi all,

I will be receiving a moderately hefty solid state power amp (50 pounds) within the next two weeks. 
I have a mid century modern two tier table where the pre and dac are placed. I was considering getting a 3” butcher block with steel spikes. Perhaps there is an alternative isolation dampening technique that might be more ideal. 
My floor is carpeted and plan to place the power amp underneath the table onto the floor. Thus creating a nice tidy set up. There would be more than enough room for dissipation of heat. 
Would this be an ideal setup? Or would anyone care to suggest a viable alternative without going into the hundreds. 
The butcher block is about 150 with shipping. Steel spikes about 25.00. I’d like to stay below 300.00.  The main goal is to deflect low frequency vibrations. 


Hi jred

I personally would not bother with the butcher block, when I tried it, it made things sound worse. They are also not cheap. If it were me, I would spend the money on one of the many isolation footers out there. Some of them are expensive but if you get a good set of either 3 or 4 feet for under your new amp, it can make a huge improvement in sound quality. 

I would put down a 1/4” piece of wood on top of the carpeting to give you a flat foundation for under the amp. I don’t know what your budget is, so it’s hard to recommend isolation feet. All I can tell you is I put a set of 4 Critical Mass Systems Center Stage feet under my Pass Labs amp which weighs around 100 lbs and I can’t believe how much better it made that amp sound. If those are too expensive then Wilson Audio just came out with a set of them and they are supposed to be even better than the CMS feet. A set of 3 is good for a component that weighs up to 75 lbs. There is a company called Finite Elemente that has them called Cerapucs at various price points with varying levels of effectiveness. I have had good luck with those in the past. There is also a company called Stillpoints that a lot of audiophiles like although I think those were good but not great. These would be a perfect product to find on the used market
such as Audiogon or Ebay. Good luck.

Put the wood butcher block on the carpet, with or without spikes. Place the amp on the butcher block. Hook up and turn on. Finished.
Don't listen to scothurwitz! Your amp needs NO damping! It will work and sound just fine naked! Believe me! I've been buying and using amps since 1976! Put it on a stable platform and it will be fine! Stop listening to crazy obsessed people!