Recommendations for power amp placement/dampening

Hi all,

I will be receiving a moderately hefty solid state power amp (50 pounds) within the next two weeks. 
I have a mid century modern two tier table where the pre and dac are placed. I was considering getting a 3” butcher block with steel spikes. Perhaps there is an alternative isolation dampening technique that might be more ideal. 
My floor is carpeted and plan to place the power amp underneath the table onto the floor. Thus creating a nice tidy set up. There would be more than enough room for dissipation of heat. 
Would this be an ideal setup? Or would anyone care to suggest a viable alternative without going into the hundreds. 
The butcher block is about 150 with shipping. Steel spikes about 25.00. I’d like to stay below 300.00.  The main goal is to deflect low frequency vibrations. 


Just put the amp on a solid, stable stand with lots of ventilation and no shelf above it.
An IKEA Besta is a very reasonable solid shelf system with solid 1-1/2" top and bottom plates. I added the top tempered glass plate to mine. for additional mass and stability.
On top I have my 60lb Rogue Audio Stereo 100 and it sounds incredible and doesn’t move a mm.
If I had amps on the floor I would trip on them.  
Thanks all with various opinions and recommendations regarding amp isolation etc. 

I spoke to two very reputable people in the industry. Both stated that granite or a block of wood more than does the job specifically for the xa25. 
I’m going to take their advice. If SQ is not satisfactory. I will look into tweeks. Amp is currently not on the floor. 
My best



You told Jred, and I quote, “don’t listen to scothurwitz, your amp doesn’t need damping”. First of all, I never said it needed damping. All I told him was when I tried a 3” piece of butcher block under a piece of equipment, it made it sound worse. What I did suggest was a good set of isolation feet. Anyone who has tried a good isolation foot under a piece of gear knows it can make a huge improvement. 


I wish you the best of luck with the butcher block approach, hopefully you will get better results then I did. To not try a good set of isolation feet is, in my opinion, a mistake. They will always make the amp sound noticeably better than just the butcher block by itself. Go to your local hifi shop and ask them if you could try a set, any reputable dealer will let you take home a set to try, if you don’t feel they make the amp sound better, bring them back. If you don’t try them, you’ll never know. Trust your ears. Good luck.


I hear ya. Though if I personally spoke to someone directly at Pass and they stated specifically for the xa25 it holds no merit. Maybe they are onto something. The ear is quite subjective. Additionally I’m looking at two weeks for break in. 
I find it hard to fathom too drop 500 used for hockey pucks. Yes imo PC and IC makes sense. Isolation for tube pre or amp. I’d agree. Though SS amp. The jury is out imo. Though going to a local shop - in no way will hinder the situation once all has settled. 
Good idea. Thank you!