Recommendations for small desktop speakers under $1500

Does anyone have recommendations on relatively small, great sounding speakers that would work for a computer desk?  Looking for something under $1500. Active or passive is fine.  I did some poking around and I’m not finding many, at least not by the typical audiophile manufacturers I’m used to looking at for regular sized loud speakers. 


Cabasse IO3 will be perfect for your usage. It will set you $1.4K for a pair. You do need a sub though because these are satellites.

Triangle Comete EZ is a good candidate also. It is not rear ported so you can flush it against the wall. 

The new Q Acoustic Concept 30 is excellent as well. 

I tried many speakers, including the LSX, and felt that I wanted more. If your desk is big enough to have it, I recommend looking at the Elac UBR62. They are usable down to 40hz and are front ported, so they will image better than other rear ported competitors. Also, the midrange has a dual concentric style with the tweeter and is closer to ear height compared to many other speakers.

i pair these speakers with a Gustard X-16 and a Class D kit amp and the trio sounds incredible for its price range. 

Thanks for these recommendations. The elac is what I had been looking at before asking the question. I was just concerned with the size, but I’ll give them a closer look. Maybe it can work.