Recommendations for Speakers that can be used close to the rear wall.

I am looking to replace my Magnepan 1.6 speakers with smaller speakers that can be placed close to the rear wall. Due to a move to a new home my listening room does not allow me to place my speakers the recommended distance from the rear wall. I am limited to just a few inches at most and I do not want to move them back and forth as I now do with my Magnepans. My room is large (17’ x 26’x 9’) with more open space next to it. The speakers are placed along the 17’ wall. I use a solid state Belles 150a Hot Rod amp with Sonic Frontier tube preamp, Dac and phono. I would like to limit the cost to $3,000/pair. I want the speaker to be no more than 48” high. I listen to various types of music ( rock, jazz, classical) and don’t play my music loud. I do not need a lot of bass for my musical enjoyment. I like the sound of the 1.6’s especially the way they play jazz vocal music, but am open to considering other types of speakers. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Almost all speakers today sound best when pulled out from the wall. You are going to have a big sonic adjustment going from 1.6s Maggies to a box speaker pushed up against the wall. With that in mind, you might look at OHM loudspeakers. 
That is the only OK option, OHM. If you’re going to limit the space, corner horns? From good sound to OK is never a good choice.

Any chance of getting rid of the obstacle preventing you from setting the Maggies up correctly? :-)

Just askin’

I have to agree with Russ69, no matter what you get, you will lose a lot. I can make two suggestions, first is not to go with a rear port. Second, most "monitor" type speakers will be a good choice. I went with Harbeths (I also listen to everything, and not at high volumes), which although they sound great, do not "bloom" unless I pull them away from the wall, which I can only do when the wife is traveling.