Recommendations for theater room processor and amp

Okay, I am building a new house and just blew my budget on a Raven Integrated Refection MK2 amp and Wilson Duette 2 speakers for my great room.  This means that my theater room has to pay the price for those two purchases.  I am going to buy the Tekton Pendragon theater speakers and subwoofers, and an Oppo 105D blue ray player.  I need recommendations for a good but budget friendly processor/receiver and amp for the Theater Room.  I am looking at Emotiva, Sunfire, Pioneer.  I want the receiver to able to stream music through the whole house.  That is a must.  Any suggestions?  I would like to stay under $5k for both if possible.  
I have the Emotiva XMC-1 and it is a terrific preprocessor with the focus more on audio quality rather than bells and whistles.  And it comes with Dirac Room Correction built-in, a BIG plus.  It's half of your stated budget, has a 5 year warranty and comes with a 30 day in-home trial.  Order one and try it out, I bet you keep it!
Oooops, forgot the amp part or your question.  Emotiva also make a two very nice multi-channel amps, XPA-7 and XPA-5.  The XPA-5 is the bargain at $899 for 5 high powered channels.  But the XPA-7 has 7 channels and "borrows" some circuitry and design elements from Emo's discontinued XPR series of amps.  I'd get the XPA-7 if you can afford it at $1599...
Sunny Components Inc, USA

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This combination $5000.00
I will call you when you have plenty of time to talk.  I have now done a lot of research.  Also I need a subwoofer recommendation to go with my Wilson Duette 2.  Either JL Audio or SVS Ultra 13