Recommendations for tube amp to replace Plinius

I am driving a pair of Legacy Focus speakers with a Plinius 100 mk3. The Focus speakers have an impedance of 4 okms and a sensitivity of 96db. As such the speakers may be a good match for a tube amp. Any recommendations for a tube amp in the $2500.00 used market range? The rest of my system consists of the Placette passive pre-amp and a Cary 306/200 cd.
I think there is something made by Antique Sound Labs that uses the 845 tube single ended for about 22 watts per channel. A friend uses one to drive his Silverlines.
You may be happy with Rogue amps, not the most revealing, but very nice sound.
Music reference RM-10. This is under your budget as a new amp and just got a rave review in Sensible Sound. I use the RM-200 and love it.

Being there with Plinius 100 mk3. Went with Mesa Baron, and Dynaudio Countour 3.3, and went back to Plinius! Plinius is fantastic amp, especialy in class A operation. What would you like to achieve with changing of the amps? I gained little bit deeper soundstage, and more liquid midrange, bass was good too, but not as good as with Plinius. I would look into better tube pre-amp, before i ditch Plinius. If you want tube sound, try Pass Aleph amps!
I'd try the Sonic Frontiers Power 2 I just happen to have listed. Shameless plu, and I'm willing to give you a more in budget price.