Recommendations for Windows software to go with a Ayre QB-9 DAC

I am looking at buying a very clean Ayre QB-9 DAC and starting my Digital music collection. I know that there are several different programs out there for running your digital music library. I wanted to know if anyone has one that they would prefer over another? Once I get everything set-up and running correctly I plan on buying probably only FLAC. files or if I want, this version of player will do DSD.
Any suggestions?
Absolutely, hands down, Roon is the software to use.  Nothing else comes close to the user experience, feature set, Tidal integration, and support by the hardware manufacturers (including Ayre). 
+1 for Roon,and roon is updated quite frequently and will be adding Qobuz streaming sometime this year.Also intergrates very well with HQ player as well as Tidal.

Control is done with a IPad or similar device,works flawlessly for me and sounds excellent as well.