Recommendations of good sounding newly pressed LPs

Howdy, everyone!  I'm just getting back into analog (after 20 years) and would like recommendations of good sounding new pressings record labels.  Got a quite good record store near my house with lots of newly pressed vinyl, but I don't know what labels do good sound.  I'd be interested in mostly jazz and classical of all styles.  
@bradf Thanks, I just copied your post into Evernote so it's always on my phone. It will cost me $$$. Feel guilty ;-) Cheers,
Yes, bradf & foldfreak, thanks so much for the comprehensive lists.  I also put them in my phone and will find them most useful at Encore Records in Ann Arbor.

your welcome
There’s some other labels/vinyl records that I wouldn’t term audiophile grade, but none the less fairly decent recordings. I will post as time allows. (NOTE: Original label for Ryan Adams. check out Lydia Loveless and the Detroit Cobras on Spotify)
(approx. 89 artist recorded)

American Recordings - Johnny Cash, plus others

Boxstar Records - Julie London (out of print) - Bobby Darin!/John-Lee-Hooker-&-Canned-Heat-Hook...

Except for the Box Star and Pure Pleasure Label, I am pretty sure that the above referenced labels are cut off of DAT.

Those that may have listened to anything from Rumble or Wax Time Records, please post your impressions

Not a recommendation, listed for info. Interesting catalog, but I have no idea what source material they use. Could be recordings off the radio for all I know.

Some info on Rumble Records off the Steve Hoffman Site