Recommendations on a big 3 way bookshelf - new or vintage - speakers, have stands 17" high

Hello to all...

Interested in getting a new-to-me pair of 3 way big bookshelf speakers.

Have 2way speakers: KEF Q1 and JBL L25; want to hear alittle more depth and definition in bass (without a sub) and abit more high end sparkle...

Have stands 17" high...

Can be vintage or brand new; would prefer mirror images layout; must have bi or tri wire capability...

Can place 24" from back and side walls max...

Considering Dali , Litton  and KEF... Your experienced recommendations?
Selah Audio "Tempesta " is a fine 3 - way large monitor speaker. They are well designed and sound great. 
A few that haven't been mentioned yet:

  • Bryston Mini T
  • Wharfedale  Linton Herritage 
  • Wharfedale Elysian 2
  • Wharfedale EVO 4.2

Have a soft spot for JBL 4311's - my 1st quality hifi purchase in 1981. So much depends on your budget as @soix said. I'm more into 2/ways and find most better pieces can do as much if not more then a 3/way design anyway so, let me add this though... Holt Hill Audio in Boston make some damn fine monitors. Listened to their Cionnsaile (sp?) on Friday when dropping off a driver for repair. Absolutely amazing 2/way big & boxy stand mount speakers. Had them singing with a big Plinius integrated and they thrashed everything there including some incredible highly rated vintage systems. They are $1500 bucks and the fit and finish is super, albeit fire-engine red is not my thing. They can custom paint them any color you want and come stock in black high gloss finish. How about a set in Shelby Blue with white racing stripes, "yep" said he can do it for a bit more $$. Not gonna list a link here but u, (everyone) should google them and visit their site; something pretty special gong on there. Just my opinion
No answer from OP on budget but they asked about "SONY M3s", of which there is no such speaker from Sony.

There is (was) a Sony SS-M3, a weirdo standmount from 2005. That would fit the OP’s vintage part of "new or vintage" but not the 3-way requirement (SS-M3 is 2-way).

Also saw a search hit for a $319 pair on eBay - maybe that’s in OP’s budget range as well?