Recommendations on integrated amps


Im looking for recommendations for some of the most generally popular integrated amps in the $500 to $1500ish range…new or used.

Ok before everyone gets all Andy Rooney on me here is the deal….Im looking to use this amp in our family farms workshop where we fix equipment and also maintain our pulling tractors and I need something a little better than the $50 boom box or whatever you’d call it from Wal Mart😁🙂…..basically I’m always busy with no time to spare so I’m willing to put my faith in my fellow audiophiles😊…. 

The $500-1500ish amount is my budget for new or used integrated amp…I have a lightly used pair of BW603 speakers that have a nice layer of dust on them in my storage room for years and to start I intend to probably hook up a Roon nucleus plus server to them because I currently have one of them on my home system and for me it seems easy enough and simple enough to easily navigate for the very basic functionality I need….basically I just pair up Tidal with my Roon and build up playlists from songs I seek over time..

I’d be appreciative of anyone who’s generous enough with their time who can give me some pointers on a good amp choice….no offense to any novices like myself but I’d prefer opinions from those who have some true knowledge and experience on stereo systems as opposed to someone like my neighbor Joe who bought his first ever amp and has claimed it to be the best amp ever made without any experience/knowledge of comparable amps…

Oh man…sorry…this is getting long winded….to put it in a nutshell I just want some popular and reputable recommendations for an integrated amp in my budget range new or used that kinda gives the most bang for the buck….I primarily listen to classic rock and a little old country music but I’ve been dabbling in other genres trying to expand my musical taste….keep in mind it’s just a system that I’d listen to while tinkering around and generally would be played at lower levels and I’m not super critical so just a relatively good clear crisp clean sound….please keep recommendations kinda basic….I don’t want to be overwhelmed and bombarded with too much in depth information where I come out of this more uncertain than when I came in☹️😁😁😁🙂….


I have what I consider a descent home system…Mac C52…Mac…?..I can’t even remember….I think it’s the 452 quad balanced amp….pair of JL audio Phantom f12 subs and a pair of Jbl S4900 speakers along with JPS labs Superconductor 3 interconnects throughout and some isolators on subs and speakers….I forget the brand….Im pretty happy with it…granted I haven’t had the time or means to do a lot of research and comparisons prior to purchasing all this….just kinda went with what the local hifi shop had that was within my means and bought the Mac stuff partly because I just liked the look…but no regrets…its good enough for my ears…I’m sure there is a better sound I’d like but until I have the time and means to find it I’ll listen to my current system as music therapy to help cope with the fact that I don’t have the holy grail system that would blow away my ears in comparison to what I currently have😊😊😊

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help!!

Much Appreciated



Thanks again for all who are chiming in…your suggestions have prompted me to do a bit of research which is helping me be a little more knowledgeable in regards to reading reviews and better understanding specs on amps….it seems the hi fi world is tough to hone in on a brand or model choice….it’s probably been said a million times that it all boils down to what sound you like and that’s hard to determine even if you have the time to physically listen to various stereo systems…taking into account what room or environment your system will be in and the endless potential pairing scenarios it’s just daunting…..I’m going to see a local wheeler dealer of used and vintage equipment and hopefully have an opportunity to listen to some various equipment and get some unbiased input and knowledge….seems it’s really the best way to go about it….I went into this thinking I could make a choice more easily but purchasing has generally never been so simple….I should’ve known better….the upside is at the expense of my time I am getting the side benefit of learning more about something I love…listening to musical sounds that sooth the ears, mind and soul… therapy!!!😊

@winnardt; mostly agree. Sound United is now owned by Masimo (MASI) the Fitbit and medical device company that sued Apple. Remains to be seen what the future holds for their consumer product brands.

Also, there’s a big difference between the Marantz and Yamaha consumer products and their higher end products. I really like the Marantz 1510, but it is not the same performance level as the Marantz Model 30. Same goes for Yamaha products. So going by brand alone has many layers. Probably better to compare individual models and price range to get apples to apples.

I like the Denon integrated amps. Clean and neutral, which is what i look for in amps.