Recommendations Please: Bookshelf Speakers no Larger than 7"x12"x8"

I need recommendations please.

I have an area for bookshelf speakers that will accept a speaker no larger than 7"x12"x8" (WxHxD). Also, it cannot be rear ported (against wall). These will be used for either a 2.0 and 2.1 setup for my living room TV. I would like to keep the cost around $200, but could go higher if necessary.
You might want to see if Best Buy still carries Polk T-15 bookshelves.  They’re 7”w x 10.5” h x 7.5” d.  Definitely not the pinnacle of high performance.....I found them to punch well above their weight though and enjoyed listening to a pair of these in a 14’ x 24’ art studio for awhile.  Not rear ported and, if they’re still being offered, I would suspect they can be had for less than $100 US, new.
I should clarify. I am wanting to spend around $200 for just the L and R speakers. Also, I could extend this up to, say, $400 if necessary. I am not including the sub in this price requirement.