Recommended cables for NHT 2.9

I'm looking for smooth, mellow speaker cables ($200 and under - used) that would work well with the NHT 2.9. I've read that the MIT Terminator is good (and I may get the T2 biwire), but I'd like more opinions. Presently I'm using cheap, old $1.75-ft Monster Cable in a bi-wire configuration from a Counterpoint SA-220. The cables are 4ft long on either side. Thanks for your help ;-)
Shayner, If you call Audio Research bad equipment,then I guess I do have a bad system.This cable lunacy has been overblown from day 1.There have been several test's and double blind studies that prove that most people CANNOT tell a difference is wire's.Those are the fact's. 89vett
I have done a/b comparisons using my cheap Esoteric Audio solid core copper wire speaker cables and expensive nordost red. The difference was very obvious using my high quality components, and barely perceptible using my midgrade components. I have also done a/b comparisons of interconnects of similar cost, and could perceive noticeable qualitative differences. The conclusion I came to is that cables are well worth their cost, and that system matching is a truth. Another thing I found important was to put my components on a solid footing rack, and to separate the power cables on one side, and the audio cables on the other. The audio cables are spaced apart.
If you are looking for mellow cables with tight bass, my vote goes to Lat Internation. I agree with the earlier post the SS-800 are good and hard to beat at your price. Also the construction on lat products is top notch. I am surprised more people do not use their stuff. Guess it is not fancy enough!
YOU WANT TO MELLOW OUT YOUR NHT 2.9's?!?!?!? Didn't you know that these babies were a bright speaker to begin with?!?! Anyway, MIT's and Synergistic would be the way I'd go. Whichever you can get your hands on to try out. Kimber 8TC to bright. I had the NHT 6.6's (two 3.3's stacked on each side) with two pairs of (4 mono blocks) aragon palladiums and used Synergistic speaker cables (Sig #2's for the lows and Sig #3's for the highs). I also changed the NHT cones to Black Diamond Racing for a warmer sound. Happy Tweeking