Recommended integrated amplifier for upgrade

Hi, i am searching for suitable integrated amplifier to match/pair with my Sonus Faber Concertino Domus, my current integrated amplifier is Krell KAV-400xi.which is about 15 years old.

My sound preference is towards slight warm, wider stage with music genres of jazz, classical, new age music, and few jazz vocals.

Shortlisted few integrated amplifiers like Accuphase E-280, Luxman L-505uxii, McIntosh MA5300, 

What is your recommended integrated amplifier which is 'best pair' to provide Sonus Faber house sound?  .


I’ve had McIntosh solid state - not impressed, however I just got into Cary Audio Sl1-100. Holy smokes. I’ve got the Wow I’ve wanted with every aspect of music listening. Project turntable and vinyl amp, audio lab600 cdt and Schit dac. Raven Corvus monitors and 2 13” subs. Even the wife is gushing over the sound. 

+1 for the Coda CSiB Integrated.  I have had mine for 2 months now driving Thiel CS 2.4s which present with a wicked impedance curve (around 2.8 ohms at 600 hz), and the Coda handles it with ease.  I have the v1, 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms with first 18 watts in class A, power doubling down as you halve the impedance. I couldn't be happier.

I have not tried but a Hegel should work great, H190 or H390. Bryston B135 cubed is also great.

SF used to require a lot of power and if that is still the case I would avoid class A amps. Class D may be a great match. The Rogue Sphinx is for example a tube plus class D combo.

Wow, many thanks for all your sharing and thoughts. Understand and heard Audio Research are good match with Sonus Faber, my current Krell was also a good match , that’s 15 years ago and not the new Krell .  

I prefer slight warm, musical with wide soundstage, but not bassy.  

Thus, I would most likely look for Accuphase E280 like @robelvick suggested or Luxman as @ghdprentice @erik_squires mentioned.  

If Mcintosh sound too solid state “detail”  as mentioned like Krell, i would remove from my wishlist. Detail is good but not for long listening time.

I prefer a more relaxing music soundstage unlike 10 years ago as aging lol

Hope will get a demo unit for audition with my 88dB 4ohm SF speaker

Appreciate your feedback