Recommended RCA sub-woofer cable? Thank you.

I need two (2)  RCA sub-woofer cables - 6' 5" / 2 meters and 13' / 4 meters.

Please do you have a personally tried and recommended RCA cable?  Why? 

Budget is TBD and thank you very much! ;-)





"directional RCA cables" what constitute a directional RCA cable?  in my opinion there is no such thing in an AC circuit, other then the shielding grounding scheme, if used.  

Get the best one available at BlueJeansCable. I had them for my subs and they worked great.  Well built. I made sure to get the same length for each sub so no time delay issues even though one sub was only a short distance.

glennewdick: Contact the company for an explanation and schematics of the aforementioned cables, I'm sure they’d be happy to help you!