Recommended RCA sub-woofer cable? Thank you.

I need two (2)  RCA sub-woofer cables - 6' 5" / 2 meters and 13' / 4 meters.

Please do you have a personally tried and recommended RCA cable?  Why? 

Budget is TBD and thank you very much! ;-)






As aforementioned, budget is "a thing" if you want recommendations, which is why I recommended what I did on my first post, the least that I would settle for assuming low budget, otherwise my recommendation would be AudioQuest Fire, but those cost more than most people’s entire systems. AudioQuest makes good stuff in a wide range of prices though.

@soix it's a public forum and you can't always expect people to divulge even the most "basic" as you say information all the time.  It's just how it is.  So are you going to police folks that don't then?  That seems more like a waste of time to me.  Instead why not approach it in a more cordial way instead of calling people out?  You have no idea of everyone's background but one thing is for sure is we all just want to enjoy this hobby and that's a great thing.  Lending your time is never a waste if your intent is to help.  Who knows it may not help the original OP but could help others that run across the thread.  Otherwise, you just end up sounding like a curmudgeon.

I didn't recommend anything because I have nothing to recommend.

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