Recommended S.S. amp type for TANNOY 15'' speakers

I would like to hear from people with Tannoy 15' dual concentric speakers
which type of S.S. amp they found produced the most pleasing sound in
their estimation. I would like an integrated for simplicity. Class A , Power or ?
Anyone having experience please chime in?
I listened to Steve Guttenburgs recent Audiophiliac review of
the Tannoy Cheviot. Gutt is a true disciple of Nelson Pass-
owning multiple pieces from First Watt and Pass Labs. The Chevvy's
sensitivity is 4 points under mine. He said the FW was good but his 100.5 Pass monos were way better.
I now have a Pass Labs XA25 on order.
Thanks for all your above help.
Most of the time I'm using my McIntosh C2300 (with NOS ADZAM tubes)
Once in a while I swap in my vintage Marantz 7T just to justify keeping it.

I find both pair well with the XA30.5, and feel I've reached the end game with my core components.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the XA25, so please share when you've had some time with it!
Contact Tommy at Digital Amplifier Company. I have one of his Stereo Maraschino Integrated Amps and it sounds fantastic on any speaker I drove with it. Plus he offers a 30 day no questions return policy.

Question for Yakbob (but of course all are welcome).  I was surprised that you are using the MC2300 with Pass amp.   Isn't there a mismatch between the MC2300 output impedance vs. Pass input impedance?   My recollection is this is not an ideal pairing.  I ask because I am considering buying the Tannoy Legacy Arden.  My current pre-amp is MC2500 with MC452 amp (driving vintage Polk 1.2 SDAs).   I like the MC2500 a lot want to keep it, but am curious about using Pass amps with the Tannoy.  You appear to be doing the Mac/pre and Pass/amp with good success.   Am I wrong, such that these two can pair well?  Any thoughts/input appreciated.