Recommended Soldering Iron

My son wants to build his first headphone amp (kit). He's asking for a soldering iron for Christmas. Can anyone offer up some information on what I should be looking for? He wants to start off with one of those Altoid can amps and work up to tube. I don't want to go too cheap but rather a decent one he can sell if he loses interest. He's 19 so we don't need the Easy Bake Iron. Any information is greatly appreciated.
Some of us don't always need a professional grade Rigid when a Ryobi at a third the price will last for years of occasional use.

Radio Shack has a nice digital soldering station. Probably a rebranded Chinese clone of something.
You might also check out the Hakko

I just bought one and am really pleased with it.
Hakko FX888 Very nice, comes with a great mesh tip cleaner. Wish I had bought one a while ago.
Thanks for the great information everyone. After a little pricing research it's down to the Weller WES51 or the Hakko FX-888. It looks like Amazon Prime is about the lowest price I can find. I'll probably monitor the prices on Amazon for a couple of weeks as I notice they tend to fluctuate quite a bit.