Recommended Soldering Iron

My son wants to build his first headphone amp (kit). He's asking for a soldering iron for Christmas. Can anyone offer up some information on what I should be looking for? He wants to start off with one of those Altoid can amps and work up to tube. I don't want to go too cheap but rather a decent one he can sell if he loses interest. He's 19 so we don't need the Easy Bake Iron. Any information is greatly appreciated.
Hakko FX888 Very nice, comes with a great mesh tip cleaner. Wish I had bought one a while ago.
Thanks for the great information everyone. After a little pricing research it's down to the Weller WES51 or the Hakko FX-888. It looks like Amazon Prime is about the lowest price I can find. I'll probably monitor the prices on Amazon for a couple of weeks as I notice they tend to fluctuate quite a bit.
You might head over to AudioKarma and search in the DIY forum. There is a reputable vendor there offering a good deal on the Hakko FX888 through the end of November. I think you will save about $15-20.
Stuart. Thank you. I will certainly check that out. I'm not loaded with piles of money so savings of even $15-$20 helps the habit (hobby).
Hi everyone. I ended up getting my son the Hakko soldering station. He's about ready to order his first head amp kit to try his hand at this. He's been reading and watching various educational videos. I was wondering what solder works the best. I was talking to guys at work, one of who is a robotics grad. He said to use solder with lead. Any opinions on this and is there a go to brand? Thanks for any info you can provide. Also I'd like to thank you all for the iron recommendations. You should have seen his face when he opened his gift.